What is RAVE ?

Charter Solutions is excited to present RAVE, the next revolutionary product in our expanding suite of Travel related mobility products. RAVE is an acronym that stands for Reverse Auction Voucher Engine, and the core system design is geared towards creating a beneficial marketplace for both the restaurant owners and their clientele (the traveler). The reverse auction model also allows for the travelers to interact directly with the network restaurants, hence facilitating an instant and a mutually beneficial transaction. RAVE aims to redefine the old and oft used model of deal (Voucher/Coupon) distribution by providing a system which can not only facilitate beneficial transactions but can also provide a rich medium for the restaurants to increase sales by leveraging intelligent and targeted distribution. The central element of RAVE is the Consumer (Traveler), and our rule based system makes sincere effort to distribute deals that are not only relevant but also economical. RAVE excels as a preference based system, that does only needful distribution of deals to a targeted audience (no group based distribution). It’s the ultimate goal of RAVE to create an expansive ecosystem that can effectively and rapidly integrate custom merchandising
RAVE is a patent pending technology of Charter Solutions International, and RAVE v.1.0 is currently available for general/partnership distribution. For more details regarding this, or our other products please contact info@chartersi.com .

Functional Components of RAVE

  • Vendor Application (Web)
  • User Application (Web)
  • RAVE Mobile App (Android, iPhone)
  • RAVE-Vendor App* (iPad)
RAVE also features a complete set of licensable API’s, that can allow for seamless integration with other sites, products and/or mobile apps.
* available in version 2.


Rave incorporates and highlights five essential principles that are prevalent through out the application

  • Relevance
  • Personalization
  • Targeted
  • Interactive
  • Analytical