Charter Solutions was founded in January 2010 with an approach to identify and resolve the complexities of corporate travel infrastructure. The company's uniqueness comes from the ability to understand the necessities and meet the requirements of the global travel industry.

The four founders of Charter Solutions envisioned and believed in a common goal : To arm end users with best technologies to enrich their travel experience. The founders are the four pillars that elevate Charter Solutions with their superior vision and an incredible commitment to provide the "best in class" technology.

Our motto is our mission to provide the most unique, appropriate and paramount solutions using the three principles:

  • Innovate and develop new solutions for current industrial roadmap
  • Imagine and prognosticate the future technological requirements.
  • Mobilize and arm the end users with the latest technology.

Just like the three principles in our motto, our commitment to service also ends in an 'E' - Excellence.

Our management team consists of creative and motivated individuals with diverse expertise in mobile and travel industries. To view our management team please visit Management.

Data privacy and data security is very important for us. For more details see our Data Privacy Policy.
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