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Workflow Management

The Workflow module of MCM provides a dynamic way for MCM users to easily distribute and manage itineraries that need assistance. This feature allows users who are in supervisory roles to hand off itineraries to MCM agent roles that are best suited to assist the specific traveler. Imagine an incident that impacts multiple travelers. As a MCM supervisor my first action would be to reach out to those potentially impacted travelers via one of the many communication options within MCM to determine who needs assistance and perhaps what type of assistance might be needed. As responses start coming in from travelers, MCM offers a way for the supervisor to distribute those traveler's itineraries to agents that are best suited to handle each. Once it is determined that a traveler needs assistance, the supervisor would place the itinerary in the itinerary workflow by designating that as an itinerary 'needing help'. Once it is in the itinerary workflow then next step is to assign that itinerary to the appropriate MCM agent that is logged in to the platform and ready to take ownership of that itinerary.

Once assigned, the supervisor can continue to monitor the progression of that itinerary via the itinerary workflow window. A typical flow is that once the agent is assigned an itinerary the agent will move the itinerary in to an 'in process' status meaning that they are beginning to take action to provide the required assistance. Once an agent has provided the needed assistance and the travelers is cared for, the agent can then move that itinerary in to a 'completed' status. As the agent moves the itinerary to a completed status the agent is required to identify the type of assistance provided the traveler. Again, all of these actions are visible to a supervisor throughout the process via the itinerary workflow window so there is no need to send emails or call agents in an attempt to determine a status for an itinerary. Additionally, time stamps are visible to determine how long an itinerary has been pending in the workflow process to ensure itineraries are being handled in a time appropriate manner.