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Travel Expense Management

The MCM Travel Expense Management module ensures that travelers don't pay for services that are included in contracted rates or don't pay for expensive services in specific areas when alternative options are available.

Use the MCM platform to send messages to travelers visiting contracted hotels or using contracted car rental companies of ancillary services that are included in their contracted rate. Advise travelers via the platform’s messaging capabilities of secured rates that exceed the company's negotiated rate. Provide direction to the traveler on how to secure the appropriate rate. Encourage them to check their bills in advance of paying so they don’t pay for GPS or don't pay for WiFi if these are to be included as part of the contracted rate you negotiated with the vendor.

Assist travelers in making cost effective decisions. It may be, for example, that when traveling to San Francisco the company knows it is cost effective to take a cab to the city versus renting a car. Use the auto messaging feature to send messages and drive that decision for your travelers traveling to San Francisco to advise them of this.

Use MCM to help your travelers adhere to your company's travel policy. Very often, travelers can make poor choices out of a lack of knowledge. Make their travel experience better by pushing timely, relevant information to them for their specific trip. For example, if Per Diem rates exist with specific cities, trigger messaging to travelers flying to those cities to ensure they do not exceed appropriate limits within the city.