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Incident Management

Global risk monitoring is just one component of your legal obligation to care for your travelers (Duty of Care). While knowing what has happened is only the beginning, identifying who is impacted and to what extent is the next logical step before you can take the appropriate supportive action. All of this has to happen in the least amount of time possible and therefore we developed a unique and easy to use solution to support your incident management process in real time and is also highly effective and collaborative. Charter Solutions MCM (Mobile Communication Management) is the first to market a real time, collaborative and most sophisticated platform helping you to take care of your travelers in real time and assist them when needed through various means of bi-direction manual or automated communication. If you are currently spending hours to collect reports and information about who is impacted and would like to be able to start managing disruptive events within minutes or even seconds, then we have the solution for you.

Vendor Contract Monitoring

You are responsible for your companies travel budget and therefore you negotiate the best deals with your preferred vendors. But how do you monitor your own and your vendors performance? Pulling post trip reports and analyzing them is the typical approach, but at this point in time, your expenses are made and your controlling is limited to 'try doing better' in the next period. A better approach would be for you to know how the upcoming period will look like but requires relevant data in advance. Charter Solutions MCM (Mobile Communication Management) platform can help you to pro-actively steer your vendor contract performance by visualizing all current future booking information. Balancing preferred vendor contract fulfillment and reducing non-preferred vendor expenses is only one aspect. Another one is to optimize your preferred vendor portfolio and re-negotiate rates even before the next period has begun.

Travel Expense Management

Travel Managers all over the world have the challenge to achieve a better vendor rate compliance. What was charged and what should have been charged by vendors creates very often a huge amount of unnecessary expenses, which are hard if not impossible to reverse. The best person in your organization to avoid unwanted vendor charges is the consumer, meaning the traveler. Charter Solutions MCM (Mobile Communication Management) platform can help you by informing your travelers just in time and fully automatically to avoid unnecessary expenses. If the traveler receives on trip information about where to pay and how much, then this is your ultimate way of managing your expenses pro-actively.

Comprehensive Employee Support

Your duty of care is not only limited to traveling personnel. Travel disruption management is only one aspect of your 'Business Continuity Plan' as it involves all your employees. Natural disasters, diseases and terrorist attacks can also impact your non-travelling employees in their respective working locations. Working locations can be your own office locations, but also home offices or client side offices. Charter Solutions MCM (Mobile Communication Management) platform offers to visualize your office locations, list all your employees in those locations and therefore allow you to expand your duty of care to also non-traveling personnel allowing for a 100% employee coverage under the headline of 'Incident Management'.