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Evolutionary 'MCM' - Now with integrated Risk Intelligence

Mobile Communications Mapping


Charter Solutions has integrated risk intelligence in to their dynamic MCM platform to create an innovative offering to the corporate community. Charter partnered with Riskline ApS, a leading global consulting firm with award winning security services. Riskline provides their clients with advice and analysis required to manage threats to personal security across 200+ countries and administrative regions worldwide.

What's New?

Within the MCM platform, those responsible can view their traveler’s risk situation via a risk dashboard, select dashboard components to quickly zoom in to a country and identify what travelers are impacted, and communicate with the travelers via multiple channels regarding the risk situation.

What's Different?

Receiving real time risk intelligence data from provider for the following categories:
  • Risk Alert: classified by risk level, contains a description of the alert itself, limited to a specific timeframe during which the alert is valid
  • Risk Summary: information about the current risk level of a country, contains a brief description of the respective country’s assessment
  • Pre Trip Advisory(PTA): detailed assessment information per country, includes items such as: health risks, crime, political overview, risk information, etc., often reviewed in advance of travel to a country

How is it Integrated?

Integration of Risk information in to the MCM Platform
  • Leverages features currently available on the MCM platform eliminating the need to learn ‘new’ features to be able to use the risk information
  • Risk dashboard facilitates quick access to impacted travelers
  • Granular approach to target the specific area/travelers impacted by an incident versus a country level approach
  • 2 way communication with travelers via multiple channels (SMS, Push, E-mail) from within the platform
  • Supports both automatic and manual push of risk information
  • Real time update of the MCM UI when receiving new alerts or summaries
  • Recognition of client defined risk levels instead of risk intelligence provider defined risk levels.

And what do our customers say?

  • "The integration of Risk Intelligence adds another unique dimension to the MCM platform. It's a huge benefit for us to have everything available in one system."
  • "Wow! Just when I thought I had seen everything MCM had to offer, you guys go ahead and amaze us once again with a perfect and seamless integration of Risk Intelligence."
  • "Charter Solutions has continued to create a niche in the corporate travel space with innovative products. The Risk Intelligence integration absolutely compliments the distinct flavor of MCM."
  • "By far the best integration of Risk Intelligence into a traveler tracking platform I've ever seen."

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