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MCM (Mobile Communication Mapping)

Mobile Communications Mapping (MCM) is patented, U.S. Patent# 9477961, and the intellectual property is solely owned by Charter Solutions.

The platform offers innovative technology that surpasses the competition by not only allowing the visualization of travelers on a map, but also enabling 2 way communication with those travelers. Also, in contrast to other like products, MCM excels in handling new data, and provides real time and automated system updates – with no batch processing or manual intervention required. This ensures that the user is always working with the most current data which can be critical in situations where traveler safety could be at risk.

Hence, with over 100 million booking transactions since 2011, MCM is rapidly becoming 'the product of choice' for travel incident management.

While the Incident Management component was the first being available in the marketplace, MCM is a core platform on which Charter continues to build upon to deliver other innovative components to aid organizations in a variety of ways, like Vendor Contract Monitoring, Travel Expense Management and Comprehensive Employee Support.

MCM is not limited to proactively approaching many of the challenges that face you on a daily basis.

Risk Intelligence

Stay on top of planned and unplanned events that can impact your travelers

MCM has partnered with Riskline to provide relevant information related to breaking an planned events happening around the globe that can impact a traveler. This information is integrated in to the MCM platform and can be visualized via the Map UI or information can easily be sent to impacted travelers or others that might be overseeing the safety of travelers.

Flight Stats

MCM now comes equipped with dynamic tracking of flights and real time flight status information.

Flight Connection Monitoring

MCM now includes a way to extend its flight status functionality with a way to monitor active flight connections. This functionality can be used with or without the Flight Status information. The flight connection window provides an opportunity for a platform user to monitor itineraries that have subsequent flights within a 24-hour window. The purpose of the window is to highlight itineraries that have subsequent flights existing in the itinerary such that a delay or issue with one flight could then impact subsequent flights in the itinerary.

Workflow Management

The Workflow module of MCM provides a dynamic way for MCM users to easily distribute and manage itineraries that need assistance. This feature allows users who are in supervisory roles to hand off itineraries to MCM agent roles that are best suited to assist the specific traveler.

Asset Management

Take care of your employees like you take care of your travelers…

A user interface exists that allows both automated upload of asset/occupant files or manual entry of data.

Communicate easily with staff affiliated with a company facility (office, factory, oil rig, etc.) through MCM’s newest module, Asset Management. Companies can load their assets in to the MCM platform and then visualize those assets on a map. Employees affiliated with the each asset can also be uploaded with relevant contact information (i.e. mobile phone number, email). Selecting an asset icon on the map provides pertinent information about the asset along with a listing of all of the employees associated with that asset. Selecting one or more employees, an asset manager can easily and quickly communicate relevant information to employees.

  • Imagine one of your offices has a gas leak in the building that is identified before the work day begins. Within minutes an asset manager could easily send a communication (SMS, email, push notification) to employees advising them not to come to the office until further notice.
  • Imagine there is an explosion at a factory. Again, an asset manager could quickly send out a communication to all factory occupants, ‘Do you need help – Yes or No’. Message recipient’s responses could be color coded so that those responding yes would be easily recognizable on the map display and prioritized as assistance is dispatched.

Featuring Hotel Tool

Visualize hotel bookings in a defined area and easily identify if bookings are at preferred or non-preferred properties (color coding). At a glance, identify how many room nights are booked at each property. In addition to current bookings, view how many nights are booked in the future and how the nightly rates are tracking as compared to other corporations.