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Flight Status and Tracking

Unleashing the next ‘slice’ of MCM - real time Flight Status and dynamic Flight Tracking.

MCM now comes equipped with dynamic tracking of flights and real time flight status information. Taking care of your travelers just got a little easier with visual representation of where they are at any given point during their flight. New intuitive icons enhance the travel view for managers, and allow them to quickly identify and react to undesired interruption that may affect their travelers.

Planes in actual reported positions – lines help user see the start and end point for the flight. Lines can be toggled on or off based on user’s preference.

Three different views onto flight related data are now available providing intuitive and fast accessible information:

Airport View:

The airport view provides a map centric representation of all airports for which the user has either inbound or outbound flights for the date being monitoried Numbers to right and left of the airport icon indicate number of flight departures and flight arrivals for that airport respectively. Additionally, selecting the airport icon will open up a flight dashboard, which displays all current flights of interest and their status.

  • Airport icons are visualized wherever the MCM user has active travelers.
  • Airport icons reflect the color status of the flight that is in the ‘worst’ status.
  • In this example the Amsterdam airport has a flight that is delayed, hence the airport icon is colored yellow.
  • Selecting an airport icon opens a flight board like what is shown below.

Airplane View:

The airplane view is a map centric representation of en route (active) flights, and depicts the route and the location (via Coordinates or Approximation) of these active flights. The icons are color-coded, based on configurable delay thresholds, to quickly identify which flights are on time and which ones are delayed. Selecting the Airplane will open MCMs classic and intuitive to use itinerary display showing the itineraries that are on the flight based on the itinerary data.

Hover over information available shown above – includes code share information

Global Flight Dashboard:

The global dashboard displays all the flights , which are of interest to the user, in chronological order for a selected day. Flights will be visible in one of the following categories: Schedules, Active, Landed, Canceled, and Unknown. Selecting the number under the ‘#’ column of the flight board will open MCMs classic and intuitive to use itinerary display containing itineraries for the particular flight. The dashboard also comes packaged with ‘Filter’ and ‘Search’ capabilities.

Flight board available to help manage overall flight activity. Filtering allows the user to focus on specific flight status (i.e. all delayed flights)


As more and more flights come WiFi enabled, communicating with onboard travelers has become lot easier. Therefore, MCMs unparalleled communication capabilities are also combined with the above-mentioned new modules. Advanced functionality button in dashboard window allows for messaging and export capabilities

  • Messaging set up for traveler notifications
  • Messaging set up for notifications to be sent to a list of emails input by user
  • Export of traveler information related to flights – user can filter for specific flight status or by flight number