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Flight Connection Monitoring

MCM now includes a way to extend its flight status functionality with a way to monitor active flight connections. This functionality can be used with or without the Flight Status information. The flight connection window provides an opportunity for a platform user to monitor itineraries that have subsequent flights within a 24-hour window. The purpose of the window is to highlight itineraries that have subsequent flights existing in the itinerary such that a delay or issue with one flight could then impact subsequent flights in the itinerary.

The list will show itineraries containing subsequent flights. The itinerary list is sorted based on itineraries with the least amount of time between subsequent flights to those that have the greatest amount of time between subsequent flights.

Within the itinerary list a user can hover over a flight number. When a user does this a window will open providing further information about the flight. This provides both the take-off and landing airport codes for this flight along with the scheduled times for departure (STD) and arrival (STA) for this flight. If a user has the flight module enabled which engages a 3rd party vendor that provides information on actual flight information (delays, cancellations, etc.) then the estimated time of departure (ETD) and arrival (ETA) will be populated as information is provided by the 3rd party vendors. Estimated times would take priority over scheduled times in determining the total connection time between one flight and the next.

At the top of the connection window, a user can set thresholds to determine the coloring associated with connecting flights and the timing between these flights. Minimum connections time and their thresholds are also configurable by the platform user.

The Connection Window also contains an additional filter that is not available with other itinerary lists, the mapped group filter. If a user has created one or more groups in the Groups window, and the user has one or more of these group's - mapped group option selected then the connection window can be filtered to only contain itineraries that belong to these groups.