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When traveling a mobile app user can send a message to the platform by selecting an 'on trip' check in button on the app. This sends the traveler's GPS location to the platform. A traveler's company might want a traveler to check in upon arrival and then do so daily until they return home. Each time the traveler checks in via the app, the location is stored in a new itinerary window tab titled 'checked in'.

Additionally, once a 'check in' location is sent to the platform, the itinerary list will display a new icon to show a check in location has been received for an itinerary. Once the user selects the check in tab on the platform all locations that have been sent to date will be visible in the window. Each entry in the checked in window will have a date/time stamp. Selecting an entry in this window will cause the map to zoom to the location and drop a green or blue icon at the location sent.