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Comprehensive Employee Support

Visualize and communicate with more than just your travelers, visualize and communicate with all of your corporate locations/employees. Imagine there is a gas leak at one of your plants causing the plant to close down. Send a communication to employees who work at the location via their mobile device advising them of the situation and how they should monitor the ongoing situation.

Assist traveling employees by providing pertinent information that could be critical for a successful trip – closest drug store, office supply store, post office, dry cleaner, etc. Think of it as their own personal 'trip concierge'.

Trigger messaging to welcome travelers home – thank them for traveling on behalf of the company, especially if they have traveled to a higher risk area. Perhaps remind them as well that expense reports are due within 'x' days after a traveler returns from their trip. Use MCM to easily survey travelers returning from a trip. Certain responses could trigger a color status change on the MCM map and alert appropriate staff that the traveler should be contacted regarding a response to the survey. This same logic could be used for a specific office location or plant.